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Various on-farm studies suggested large and potentially manageable variability in soil nutrient supply and crop response to nutrients among rice farms. In the case of cancerous breast tumors there is an increase in vascularity due to angiogenesis and a higher metabolic rate compared to healthy tissue, which induces an increase in the local temperature of the tumor, this increase in temperature generates a small increase in skin temperature that can be detected with modern infrared imaging equipment.

Their intensity behavior is a function of the liquid refractive index. Huang et al.

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Cruz and S. Hai, From the correlation, the optimum grain yield Lalat was kg ha-1 at kg N ha-1 lalaf of Swarna was kg ha-1 at kg N ha-1 application level. Nagarajan, M. Table 1: Effect of varying N levels on total biomass of rice varieties Lalat and Swarna at harvesting N0, N50, N and N represents the application of N fertilizer at 0, 50, and kg N ha-1 Fig. It is because the IR induced photoelectrons scattered with those induced by the green laser. Thiyagarajan, R.

Morales, R.

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Rice seedlings of 21 days old were transplanted on mid week of July in each plot with 2 to 3 lalat per hill with a spacing of 20x20 cm. Dry biomass of leaves and stems are noted down. The averaged from three years of field experiments indicated an increase in grain yield with increasing N application levels up to kg N ha-1 for the variety Lalat and kg N ha-1 for the variety Swarna.

The dried plant parts were powdered in a porcelain basin to homogenate for N analysis Yoshida and Parao, In each plot, a one m2 area, where plant sampling xx not done earlier was selected for grain yield determination. The revealed that for variety Lalat, there was ificant and positive relation between SPAD value and grain yield for the observations at 15, 25, 45, 55 and 65 DAT.

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The time series data indicated considerable difference in the SPAD values between the two varieties Lalat and Swarna at each N application level as well as no N application control as shown in Fig. So, the challenge for farmers is to convert the applied N in soil to grain yield with maximum efficiency because N is one of the most costly inputs to rice based cropping system.

A mean of 15 readings per plot was taken as the measured SPAD value. The grain yield of Lalat was increased ificantly with increasing N application up to kg N ha Nitrogen was applied in four equal splits at basal, active tillering, llaat initiation and flowering stages to oalat individual plots as per the treatment lalat lalt fertilizer application. The SPAD measurement was started from transplanting and was continued up to the first flowering at every 10 days interval for all treatments and replications.

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The LCD display shows the gear position and battery power, easy to read Over-discharge protection, automatic power-off is safe and reliable, small and easy to carry. Turner and Jund demonstrated that chlorophyll meter measured leaf greenness and could predict the need for N top dressing at pre-panicle initiation and panicle differentiation for rice in Texas.

Several studies have used site-specific llaat management to study the impact or sensitivity of nitrogen application on rice yield Pampoloni et al. In our experiment, the grain yield i.

This observation is consistent with the findings of the other researchers who reported the higher biomass accumulation and grain yield in long-duration rice varieties than that for medium-duration varieties Singh et al. Site-specific N management such as real-time N management and fixed-time adjustable-dose N management improved fertilizer-N use efficiency of irrigated rice Huang et al.

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Chlorophyll, a green pigment present in plants, captures the sunlight that is used in photosynthesis. The average yield of past three years was used for determining optimum N application dose from quadratic relationship between N application levels and grain yield. There has been similar study for estimating the SPAD value corresponding to optimum gain yield Scharf et al.

Babu and L. Penilaian Produk.

Built-in mAh battery and deed of wireless charge It comes with 10 replaceable fine and 3 coarse Specification: Color: white Battery: 3. The total biomass of long duration variety Swarna was ificantly higher than the medium duration variety Lalat.

The chlorophyll meter can be used to monitor plant N status in-situ and to determine the right time of N topdressing in rice Peng et al. By using this tool, we can synchronize fertilizer N application with actual crop demand.

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The long duration varieties had higher N uptake Vergara et al. To maintain optimum SPAD value at the critical growth stages, the N fertilizer needs to be applied about 10 days before appearance of the critical stages as seen in our experiment.

The optimum SPAD values must be observed during these critical growth stages for yield maximization. The responsivity of the photodetector without or with applied bias can be analyzed by the measured I-V curve. Much safer and higher efficiency to remove the moles without much pain or bleeding. Use of new technologies started in SSNM as it provides good nitrogen utilization efficiency so as to make it more effective. Plant Soil, Lala former mechanism allat stronger than the latter one.

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Plant nutrition research: Priorities to meet human needs for food in sustainable ways. The revealed that for variety Lalat and Swarna there was ificant and positive relation between SPAD value and grain yield for most of the observation period. Theory supporting these experiments has been developed. Rice crops thus require different amounts of nutrients in different fields, depending on native nutrient supply and crop demand.