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Websites to vent to strangers I Wants For A Man

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Websites to vent to strangers

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You But it takes two. Not a typical vent website. It's weirdly gratifying each time I get an notification alerting me to Regina's replies, and there is something freeing about anonymously spilling my guts with no sense of concern about how I "look" ro the other person.

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Be smart. During my next venting session, I decided to launch right in without making small talk. ListenToYourWife - Are you a married woman unhappy with your marriage? After I post a brief monologue about feeling isolated, I can see that my new buddy is typing a response, but then my Internet connection drops off before I can catch a reply. I go to therapy because I have to, because I've been doing it for so long that I can hardly remember what it was like not to have that cozy, womb-like little room to heave myself into on a weekly basis.


Do you need to vent to someone?

You can also create a group and see how your friends are feeling. As a Listener, your job is to, well, listen. I will, however, paraphrase the types of problems I ran into. Unlike most of the sites in this list, this one's serious business and their reports have too covered in many international media.

You Spills all over me. When you keep everything in, you become like a soda bottle, ready to burst at any slight issue.

Vent to someone anonymously on 7 cups!

Is there anybody out there?! This time, I bemoan how frustrating it can feel being 37 and single. Earlier today, I also successfully connected with a few people while playing the role of Venter. The site basically srrangers you five pictures to rate your day from 'Worst' to 'Great'. You can add pictures to your report and read about other consumers' complaints as well. I return a few days later, and finally I have a successful chat session with a member named "Special-Reward.

Do you think that anonymous chat is an effective method for releasing pent-up steam?

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The world wide web offers its own set of yo where you can vent your anger. Why Vent Here? I also write, "I just moved 3, miles across the country, back to my hometown, in the dead of winter on the East Coast. I first read about the service on Mashable this week, so I decided to test it out right away both as a Listener and a Venter.

So there is a place to vent anonymouslywithout websitess. And venting to friends can make you feel like a burden. Boredat - This is a platform to post your thoughts anonymously.

Probably freelance writing. Expressing your thoughts and feelings to someone also can give you insight into your websitez. They felt more like social outlets than mental health resources. The community organises NoSo events at bars and coffee shops where members will come and remain unconnected and quiet, while knowing that other NoSo members are around.

The site will send your employer an saying it has received a compliant without revealing your identity.

I spilled my guts to strangers on free internet-therapy sites

Not for me, anyway—a therapy newbie might find Regina's advice illuminating. Let a 7 Cups of Tea listener be the listening ear that you need. I write, "I constantly compare myself to other women—not just women I know, but friends of friends, famous people, etc.

Write about it here. With Enemybook, you can add enemies to your Facebook profile.

24+ sites where you can vent your anger

Overall, my experiences on the sites were intriguing but not mind-blowing—none of the free forums felt equipped to help me dive into real issues. Before jumping in, I must confront a slightly scary disclaimer: "Venting to a stranger can be websires dangerous if you are at a very mentally sensitive state.

My Biggest Complaint - This is a site where users post their biggest complaints about anything in the world and let others vote on them. This is not your average open internet forum.

Why vent here?

You can add a picture or a video to your complaint as well. And we never show on our site. In an anonymous, troll-free place?

You Meta-venting, if you will. PostLikeAPirate - You cannot be Captain Jack Sparrow, but at least you can speak like him using this tool that converts plain English into pirate speak.

Enemybook - This is an anti-social tool that most of us have heard of. AnonymousEmployee - If you are an employee fed up of your boss or strangerw, you can write him or her a discreet go say what you feel through the Anonymous Employee forum. WhoisWrong - If you are arguing with someone and have reached a deadlock, you can open up your case on WhoisWrong and let the readers decide who between you is wrong.